Harvest 2020 could be considered a good vintage.
In Lugana region we had a balanced summer season, characterized by the right amount of dry-warm temperature and wet-rainy days. These favourable conditions provided us with the quantity of water needed, only exploiting the natural conditions of the season without adopting mechanic irrigation.
All these circumstances, along with the sun, allowed us to start Turbiana Grape harvest by the middle of September.
Our Lugana 2020 will be characterized by its typical varietal features: the right amount of freshness and sapidity, a sharp minerality and the typical flowery and fruity scents, such as white flowers, camomile, almond, white and yellow pulp fruit.

Valpolicella Classica

As well as in Lugana, in Valpolicella Classica harvest 2020 had been a good one.
The indigenous varieties Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella -used to make our red wines DOC and DOCG- have exploited the favourable climatic conditions given by vintage 2020, featured by the right balance between sun and rain.
Climate and weather allowed the grapes to grow in structure and body directly from the vine, increasing their organoleptic potential during the drying process of “appassimento” when they enrich their depth with developed notes of underbrush, prune, dried rose, fruit in spirits.
Harvest 2020 took place, as usual, in October: all the parameters indicated by DOCG had been perfectly respected, starting from the density of units per hectare, that is established for Amarone wine around 45 q/h.
These are all the premises to guess that 2020 would be a vintage able to give intensity in aromas, a good balance between smoothness and sharpness, fullbodied wines with an interesting complexity.
For Amarone Classico DOCG 2020 you have to be patient at least until 2025, when you will find it in the perfect moment to be tasted.
Waiting could be hard at once, but it’s worth to wait to get it right!

Onepiò Winery thanks all the people who worked and contributed to the optimal result of Harvest 2020.