Onepiò Story



Onepiò Winery is a wine producing independent reality, born in Valpolicella and arrived in Lugana thanks to the passion and dedication of Ilaria, the owner of Onepiò.

The name of the winery is a combination of two words:

  • One, english word that indicates the number 1.
  • Piò, unit of measurement used by local farmers within the Brescia Province that represents “1/3 of a hectare”, dimension of the Winery itself.

What we believe in

The philosophy of Onepiò Winery could be expressed by four key words: passion, quality, tradition and innovation.
The high quality of our wines is the result of the attention we dedicate to the choice of the best vine plants and the gentle care of the vineyard, where with passion, we take care personally of the delicate harvest by hand.
We obtain the perfect combination of tradition and innovation joining together the patient drying of the grapes and the elegant wine aging in french barriques with the bottling of the final product in an exclusive and original packaging.



Our mission

We, the staff of Onepiò Winery, put all our heart in order to instill you our passion for the wine world, keeping the tradition still alive but with a look toward the future.