The harvest 2019 gave us more satisfactions than what we could have expected at the end of August.
In Lugana area, after a summer with persistent humidity and high temperature, from the second week of September there was a climate change with a temperature range favorable for the grapes' maturation.
This has allowed a perfect development of the grapes with more balanced acidity and higher sugar residual with respect to harvest 2018.
The assumptions for Lugana DOC 2019, which will be bottled in March 2020, are thrilling and exciting.
Aromas, freshness, balance and scent of fresh fruit are going to be the key point in this harvest, with its multiple organoleptic surprises.

Valpolicella Classica

During this harvest 2019, in Valpolicella, there has been positive feedbacks in the vineyard.
The grapes Corvina and Corvinone were perfect, the summer atmospheric conditions as hailstorms and strong wind did not hit the vines.
The organoleptic structure of the grapes was quite balanced, sugar residual and acidity are fundamental components, mostly when it comes to the drying process.
The quantity per hectare has complied with DOC regulation and, due to the extreme trimming in winter time, the vines have produced fewer bunches than in previous years.
The assumptions for the new vintage of Valpolicella Classico, which will be bottled in October 2020, are quite satisfying in order to have a ruby red wine, fruity with some scent of cherry, lively and vivid both in the nose and on the palate.
Amarone Classico DOCG 2019 will be structured, impressive and spicy, but as all Amarone, we should wait until November 2024 to taste it.

Onepiò Winery thanks all the people that have collaborated and worked for the optimal result of the harvest 2019.